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Steel Honeycomb

Standard honeycomb breadboards have ferromagnetic steel skins which are 0.125" (3mm) thick with core thickness of 4", 2", 1" or 0.5". 

The honeycomb breadboard ferromagnetic steel skins are coated standard with a black anti-reflective coating impervious to most chemicals.  This honeycomb optical breadboard coating absorbs more than 90% of light incident upon the honeycomb breadboard and more than 95% of the energy in near perpendicular incidence and scatters grazing reflections to less than 5%. Also available are white cleanroom coatings.

The core of these honeycomb breadboards (like all of our honeycomb breadboards) is a high density honeycomb that made of composite materials that eliminates resonances with a  3/8" cell size. The core is vertically bonded, waterproof and acid resistant.  Further, the honeycomb weight is significantly less than the tin, aluminum and steel core materials used by other manufactures making our honeycomb breadboards much more economical to ship and move while still maintaining high rigidity and vibration dampening.

Listed below is out stocked inventory.  If you require a size NOT listed please use our Custom Request Form. Base Lab Tools does not charge 'custom' fees for a honeycomb optical breadboard built to your specific size (within our size parameters).  Simply fill out the form & we will respond, same day. 

Base Lab Tools can supply your fully customize honeycomb optical breadboard as well!  From cut-outs & through holes, to specific taps and extra wide sizes, we can build what you're set up requires.  Use our Custom Request Form to upload your documents or contact us at [email protected]  We will be happy to work through your requirements and supply a quote.