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300mm x 450mm x 26mm Water Cooled Breadboard, Un-Anodized
300mm x 450mm x 26mm Water Cooled Breadboard

300mm x 450mm x 26mm Water Cooled Breadboard, Un-Anodized

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Part Number:SAB30X45-W-U-M
  • Base Lab Tools breadboards are made in the USABetter heat transport using 3/8 in copper tubing.
  • Designed to be used with your chiller.
  • Un-anodized and epoxy free to prevent out gassing in mild vacuum and clean-room applications.
  • Reversible to be used from either side so the aluminum mass of the breadboard can act as a heat-sink.
  • Uses standard copper fittings which can easily be purchased at your local hardware store or from Base Lab Tools separately.
  • External looping of the cooling tube compensates for expansion and minimizes disruption to the hole pattern.
  • All Base Lab Tools breadboards and tables are proudly made in the USA.

This 300mm x 450mm x 26mm thick water cooled aluminum breadboard is made of two plates mechanically fastened together sandwiching 3/8 in OD copper tubing. By using the mechanical fastening, the tubing is held securely in place without epoxy avoiding the potential issues with out-gassing in moderate vacuum applications as well as in a clean-room environment.

The breadboard has an array of M6 tapped holes on 25mm centers, with a 12mm border. There are 5 counter-bore mounting holes which can be accessed from either side.

Base Lab Tools offers hundreds of optical breadboards from stock and custom. Often in applications like CPU cooling, laser diode and laser bar cooling excessive amounts of heat is produced. This optical breadboard / cooling plate allows the user to connect their own chiller and cool their components.

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