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Adjustable Spanner Wrench
Adjustable Spanner Wrench with Accessories

Adjustable Spanner Wrench

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Base Lab Tools' Adjustable Spanner Wrench is designed for installing Ø1" and Ø2" retaining rings on our various lens tubes. It also has an adjustable range from 15mm to 110mm to accommodate different size retaining rings (11mm to 106mm if using the Pointed Tips). The Adjustable Spanner Wrench includes 4 screws that lock the wrench in place, and it includes 2 screws that secure the tool in place. 

  • 6 Thumb Screws to lock the tool in place
  • 4 M4X0.7 Cap Head Screws and 2 M4X0.7 Set Screws as a replacement for the thumb screws
  • 3 different tool types: 2 Flat Blades, 2 Pointed Tips, and 2 Modified Flat Blades
  • One 3mm Hex Key and one 2mm Hex Key to change screw types
  • Ranges from 11m to 110mm
To install a retaining ring, lock one blade into place and place it in one notch of a retaining ring. Slide the other blade into the other notch of the ring and secure the blade in place. Rotate the wrench to secure the ring to the desired distance in the tube.

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