New! Water Cooled Optical Breadboards.

6Base Lab Tools is happy to broaden our line of optical breadboards to include water cooled breadboards. We were so happy with our initial release of what will be a complete line of liquid cooled breadboards that we had to share. We are currently shipping our 6" x 6" x 3/4" Liquid Cooled Solid Aluminum Breadboards (SAB066-W) from stock, and we have a whole range of sizes on the way.

What we love about this design is that we have really thought ahead about how to make it as useful as possible. We have stuck with what we know from our extensive line of solid aluminum breadboards. We have the features you have come to expect from us.

  • Solid aluminum water cooled optical breadboard are made in the USARounded outside corners for a more safe lab environment.
  • A true 1/2" border so two breadboards may be joined together and still hold 1" spacing between tapped holes.
  • All of our breadboards have at least 5 counterbore mounting holes and the liquid cooled breadboards are no exception.
  • As with all of our tables and breadboards, they are made in the USA in our Pennsylvania facility.
Solid aluminum water cooled optical breadboard schematic diagram

Even more unique about our water cooled optical breadboards is that they have unique double counterbore mounting holes which allow them to be mounted in two ways. One way allows for direct contact with the copper tubing carrying the cooling liquid and the other allows for the the alluminum breadboard itself to be used as a large heatsink which is then cooled by the copper tubing.
Solid aluminum water cooled optical breadboard mounting options

All liquid cooled breadboards use standard 3/8" outer diameter copper tubing and can easily be fitted with hardware store slip fitting and plastic tubing to connect to your chiller or liquid source.

Visit www.BaseLabTools.com today to see this and other new breadboards we are introducing.