Pedestal Posts Now in Stock

These Ø1in stainless steel pedestal posts are used in applications where rigidity and stability are most critical. Mounting critical components on these fixed height non-magnetic, stainless steel pedestal posts over Ø1/2in posts can provide a more stable starting point for an optical setup. These can be secured to an optical table using Base Lab Tools clamping forks or compact pedestal post clamps.

  • Ø1in post
  • Ø1.25ipedestal base
  • One #8-32 tapped hole on both ends
  • Ø1/4in through hole to allow a ball driver leverage
  • Relief cut on both ends to ensure proper seating.
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Pedestal Posts Informational Video

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New Iris Diaphragms Now in Stock

New Iris Diaphragms Now In Stock - Iris diaphragms provide a means for controlling the amount of light admitted to a lens or optical system. These diaphragms are lever controlled which provide a smooth transition from one aperture size to the next. These have no mounting holes and cannot be directly attached to a post. They are constructed from Steel and Aluminum. Base Lab Tools offers common iris diaphragm sizes.
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