3 in and 6 in right angle brackets

ABS006 6 in right angle bracketNew 3" wide and 6" wide right angle brackets have been introduced to go along with are very popular 2" wide angle brackets.

These are an ideal way to mount components perpendicular to the optical table or breadboard. Slotted and tapped for maximum functionality. Made in the USA.

See our selection of right angle brackets HERE
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Key Attributes Of Sapphire Optical Windows

Sapphire Windowa
  • Very wide optical transmission band from UV to near-IR, (0.15-5.5µm)
  • Significantly stronger than other optical materials/standard glass windows
    • Hardest natural substance next to diamond.
    • Highly resistant to scratching and abrasion (9 Mohs scale)
    • Extremely high melt temperature (2030°C)
    • Totally unaffected by most chemicals except some very hot caustics.
See our sapphire tutorial for more information HERE
And our complete selection of sapphire windows HERE
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Quick Introduction - Fine Adjustment Screws

Quick Introduction - Fine Adjustment Tutorial

Fine Adjustment Screws

Base Lab Tools offer a variety of fine adjustment screws and nut/bushings where interchangeability and cost of the assembly are key parameters. The thread class for these fine adjuster screws are typical 3A/3B the tightest thread class. Note that Base Lab Tools offer adjusters that are better than class 3A/3B that will have better performance and reduce the need for “sticky” grease to accommodate for the loose tolerance. These devices will have less backlash and longer life expectancy than standard 3A/3B adjusters.

Pitch (mm/revolution)

Pitch (µm/revolution)

TPI (Threads per Inch)


40 0.635 635 Coarse adjusters for non critical applications
80 0.318 318 Standard mirror mount
100 0.254 254 High end mirror mount
127 0.200 200 Fiber alignment
200 0.127 127 Wave guide manipulation
254 0.100 100 Differential micrometer replacement

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Screw kits for the optical table

Screw KitHow can we improve our screw kits? We like being able to pull out the individual compartments to use on the optical table where space is limited.

What sizes would you like to see? Email our sales team at [email protected] with your ideas.

To read more about our screw kits and replacement screws. CLICK HERE
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